MID’s range of "Hydraulic Dock Levellers" are designed to offer the greatest amount of safety possible while still giving the facility of continual material flow of goods from vehicle to factory floor and back out to customer. The ability to move large volumes of product quickly, safely and with the minimum of effort will minimise the cost of most operations.

With the ever-increasing Health and Safety legislation, the MID Vehicle Restraint makes the ideal accompaniment to any Loading Bay Dock Leveller. Accidents caused by vehicles pulling away while operators are still loading are costly both in time and injury. The Vehicle Restraint system minimises the risk.

Rubber bumpers, correctly positioned, will reduce building and vehicle damage.

Dock Levellers
The self-contained hydraulic unit operates from a 415v 3 phase supply and has the safety feature of lip control independent of the platform as standard. This enables the operator full control when positioning the lip. Fitted with full length telescoping toe guards, the levellers meet all current safety legislation. Platform tilts up to 50mm to suit vehicle beds. Other safety features fitted as standard include fall arrest device, should a vehicle pull away leaving the platform unsupported. Finish is one coat primer and one top gloss coat.

Dock Pads
Standard Model has flame retardant fabric and fire resistant foam bonded to a galvanised metal tray. Other models have timber base with foam bonded, covered with various fabrics. Set usually comprises of two side pads with a head pad. Wear pleats optional. Head pad can be fixed (model 901) or moveable (model 906) Yellow guide stripe standard.

MID Dock Pads, Shelters and Inflatable Seals are an effective means of conserving energy, reducing heat/refrigerated air loss and stopping the ingress of cold/warm air, rain , snow and wind. The systems offer protection to your employees against inclement weather, protection to your product and increased safety on loading dock. This protection also helps employees' morale and increases productivity as well as security.

Dock Shelters
Steel ladder frame construction clad with various sheet material. Curtains both sides and top, being manufactured from heavy duty fabric and guide stripes. Wind straps fitted as standard. Retractable. Offers the additional facility of having cantilever arms which retract when in minor contact with a vehicle and returning when vehicle pulls away. Reduces damage to frames.

• Down to ground or dock height models, with or without projecting frame. Bottom curtains, extended top curtains. Range of fabrics and colours. Timber frames.

• Standard Model: 3400mm wide and either 3500mm or 4600mm high. Side curtains 600mm. Head curtains variable , Fire retardant fabrics as option. Corporate logo.

Inflatable Dock Seals
Zinc coated steel ladder frame construction clad with various sheet materials. Down to ground free standing. Construction with side bags and adjustable head bag all inflated by a three-phase 400v continuously rated blower unit.Bag fabricated from name retardant abrasion resistant fabric with front, side and head curtains to protect against wind damage.

• Bottom curtains: combi pad/seal; various projections; heights to suit 'double decker' trailers; variable height ranges; corporate logo; cover material to suit building i.e. Plastisol coated steel range of colours.

• Standards Sizes: Width: 3600mm Height 4800mm Projection 800mm

MID reserve the right to alter specification without prior notification.
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