Modern automatic smoke curtains and fire curtains are designed to contain a fire and its smoke yet are far efficient than that of steel roller shutters and can also be retro-fitted to the existing building. Being triggered through the action of the fire alarm and also designed to operate if the power supply is interrupted.

• Automatically activated by the signal from a smoke or fire detector.
• Designed to protect people and also valuables from smoke and fire.
• Delayed action and split drop facility available.
• Fail safe operation unlike standard steel fire shutters.
• Can be lowered daily to conform to local Fire Officer Requirements.
• Far less wear or tear and less maintenance than steel roller shutters.
• Can offer far better conductive properties than steel roller shutters.
• Can incorporate controls to allow the curtains to rise after activation.
• Look more attractive and do blend into the building structure.
• More reliable and more adaptable to certain specifications.
• Safer than heavy and dangerous steel roller shutters.
• Can be added to an existing steel roller shutter.
• Drawings and specifications for Architects, Museum Personnel, etc.
• Building Management Systems compatible.
• Complying with and more than meets the existing fire regulations.

MID Fire Curtains
Are automatically and electronically operated. Designed with quality and safety in mind it will also protect property and assets from smoke and fire. Having guides and a weighted bottom rail ensure a smooth downwards transition while sealing and retaining fire and smoke.

Using the latest technology MIDFC1 includes a Powerdown failsafe facility that allows the curtain to operate in the event of a total power failure.

MID Smoke Curtain Curtains
In the event of a fire MIDSC1 are designed to impede smoke spreading within the building. Being electronically operated the curtains are used as part of the smoke, heat, exhaust and ventilation system (SHEVS). Designed for safety.

Using the latest technology MIDSC1 includes a powerdown fail safe facility that allows the curtain to operate in the event of a total power failure.

Fire & Smoke Curtains 1
Fire & Smoke Curtains 2