Sliding Folding Shutter Doors
are suitable for all types and sizes of opening. Their detailed construction makes them inherently strong, durable and able to withstand extreme weather conditions.

All MID sliding folding shutter doors are constructed from galvanised components with the option to polyester powder coat.

The sliding folding shutter door comprises of galvanised vertical pickets interconnected by rectangular steel bars, acting on the lazy tongs principle. Leaves 305mm wide arranged in pairs hung from the front of each picket are hinged to adjacent leaves providing a heavy duty horizontal folding door assembly.

The door is completely suspended from a lintel mounted heavy duty rolled steel top track. Double rollers are fitted to altemate pickets. Guide spigots at the base of each picket locate in a substantial floor track, the whole door assembly is fabricated from galvanised steel. Door frame is constructed from purpose made galvanised picket sections, suspended from the top track by steel bearings. Roller sections suspended from the top track by steel bearings.

Roller pulley lattice bars from 1.6mm thick galvanised steel to form a 25x5mm channel section. Fastened to the back of the picket section providing smooth operation.

Top track is rolled from heavy duty galvanised steel forming a 100mm x 70mm box section.

Door leaves are galvanised 20g x 305mm wide with ribbed profile for additional strength interconnected by continuous hinge strips.

Bottom track is constructed from heavy duty galvanised channel with formed securing straps.

Leading edge is assembled from heavy duty galvanised channel section and fitted with strong pull handles.

Locking is normally by means of robust hasp and staple, ready to receive clients own padlock. Five lever mortice hook bolts may also be provided.

End panels:- constructed from 18g steel sheet only fitted to doors sliding clear of the opening.

Finish:- All components being galvanised as an option door leaves can be supplied in HP200 plastisol to a standard range of colours or polyester powder coated to a standard RAL or B5 range. Electric operation by geared motor incorporating safety clutch, control is via push button station.

Plan Single Doors
Size of leaf dependant on opening width and height.

Plan Bi-Parting Doors

Headroom Detail

Floor Preparation

An excavation 180mm wide x 100mm deep must be provided to located to robust formed bottom track. Excavation and grouting to be carried out by others.

Sliding Folding 1
Sliding Folding 2
Sliding Folding 3