Profile Specification
Unlike conventional insulated steel shutters which comprise of two low grade single skin sections with poorly fitting polystyrene in-fill, the S77 is a double skin profile roll-formed from a single pre-coloured steel section with a hot injection polyurethane central core which bonds to the internal face of the section giving additional strength and rigidity. The S77 section also has a short throw reinforced quirk section which interlocks each profile to form a continuous door curtain.

A reinforced carrier strip connects the 20mm deep base seal to the bottom shutter section ensuring the S77 is always sealed when fully closed eliminating draughts and debris from passing under the closed door.

Guide Section
The guide sections are rolled formed 3mm two part galvanised steel complete with wind lock recess, neoprene brush seals internally.

Technical DataThe 577 steel shutter has been independently tested and certified to withstand a Class 5 wind loading at 7000mm wide. The roll-formed insul~ted steel profile sections have been thermally assessed to a MU· value of 1.37 WtM.K'.

Standard Colour Range
577 profile has a zinc protective coating applied before the laminated coating finish is adhered. The zinc coating ensures that the cut ends of the steel slat will not show any signs of corrosion during standard weather conditions.

Colour Range
Industrial Insulated Steel 1
Industrial Insulated Steel 2