Window Security Shutters
We have THREE types of Domestic Shutters all made from Aluminium for superior finish, with no rusting. With the top box being 33% smaller than steel shutters they appear very much neater and generally provide a higher level of security than Steel Roller shutter. They all come as standard with an extra locking mechanism to prevent the curtain being lifted, particularly relevant on electric shutters.

All 3 types of Home Security Shutters conform to the new European Shutter Legislation introduced May of 2006, which means that they have been independently tested and do come with Anti-Drop braking systems or Extra springs to conform to this legislation.

All 3 House shutters look identical from the outside but come with differing internal specifications which provides the different levels of security.

High Security - Window Security Shutters
These have reinforced Guides and Shutter box making them stronger than the standard RA4. They have been independently tested and accredited and are Police Approved being a Secured by Design product. Only available with Electric operation.

Medium to High Home Security Shutters
As standard with strong extruded Aluminium Laths providing a higher level of security than Steel Laths. They are suitable up to 4 metres in width although we do have the RA6 that will go up to 6 metres wide if required. The shutter boxes start at 165 mms square for smaller window heights, up to a 2800 mm maximum height requiring a 205 mms box.
The solid lath comes as standard, but perforated or punched laths are also available.
The shutter curtain can be made up of one or more of these types of lath.

Low to Medium Security Domestic Shutters
These come as standard with CFC Free foam filled roller Aluminium laths. Designed for Northern Europe where cutting out light and providing Insulation are more important than Security. Effective in providing heat and sound insulation, as well as shading and light control. Suitable for opening widths up to 3400 mms, and being lightweight and therefore ideal for manual operation. A vented lath is also available if required.

Window Security Shutters 1
Window Security Shutters 2