Industrial Steel Roller Shutters

Industrial Steel Roller Shutters

Industrial Roller Shutters

Steel Roller Shutter Doors

The shutter curtain is constructed from 75mm or 100mm twin interlocking cold rolled galvanized steel laths, onfilled with CFC insulation. Each lath is retained by nylon endlocks fixed and secured by steel rivets. The bottom lath incorporates a rubber seal.

100mm or 150mm nylon brushstrip is supplied to fix to the underside of the lintel to form a seal between the lintel and the shutter curtain

Specially designed galvanized guide section incorporating twin vertical brush seals full height to one side of each guide. Mild steel angles of suitable size and thickness are supplied to support the side guides and to form a secure fixing to the structure.

Constructed from mild steel tube of suitable outside diameter and wall thickness to suit shutter application. Barrels are fitted in conjunction with an appropriate safety device, i.e. Safedrive motor unit.

A variety of electronic motors are used, depending upon the application. 415 volt 3 phase motors are normally used. A push button station is provided with “UP”, “DOWN” and “STOP” buttons.
Our estimate/quotation should provide the relevant details concerning the electric specification intended to be used for each particular installation, together with the electrical requirements that need to be provided by the customer.

Side guides, supporting angles and door curtain are galvanized. Non-Galvanized sections are primer painted. The shutter curtain is available in a range of plastisol colours. The complete shutter can be powder coated in an extensive range of colours although powder coating is not as durable as plastisol.

Coil casings, hoods, fascias and motor covers can be supplied at additional cost and are supplied galvanized unless specified otherwise.

Industrial Roller Shutters

Manually Operated Doors Also Available

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